Friday, February 17, 2006

my first day@GEC..............................................

It was November 15, 2000.

I came to GEC Thrissur along with my mother and aunt .I did not know how this place will be. First time outside home and tat to in front of another set of people whom I didnt know.

My mind was like that of a 3 year old's first day at Play School.

Waiting in Room 206 for my turn to be called for getting the green card...............

I met Mr Abhilash & Mr Sijohn who had come to join in CSE.

I thought CSE my god these guys would be BONDS.

Then I saw a 6 feeter lean guy with specs I tht another genius.................................

I went and sat next to him

Mukund : hi

Me : hi ur name?

Muks: Mukund

Me: RANK and Branch?

Muks: 1XXX Mechanical

I was rt he was a genius.......

The atmosphere was new to me a very big college and leaving amma was difficult.

But I didnt know then that it will be an experience of a lifetime.....................

The MotorShows, Rithu, the heartbreaks, pulling legs ,small fights,ragging,Vimala College,Mechtree and 24X7 fun............................................................................

I forgot the nightmare exams.

November 20 2000
My first experience outside home was the Hostel.I hated it just like anyother guy away from home............................
I closesd the door of my room and went to sleep to get over the trauma of leaving home.
I was terfied may be some senior who had come to RAG

with trembling hands i opened the door and found a smart fellow Vineeth Rajendran from Hyderabad. Like me he was also away from home for the 1st time. We introduced ourself and became good friends all of a sudden Was it the fear in us or was it our nature that made us good friend is very hard to say.

Our topic of discussion were mostly seniors and the possible ragging that way be getting in the coming days.

In the next 2 days more people joined the Hostel. Intially we were 3 guys from mech but as days passed 2 guys left the hostel coz of ragging.
And I became the lone guy from Mechanical and my seniors were mostly mechanical guys so it was fun.......................

As part of ragging I was forced to become the Representative of our class, the class which later famously(as we say) became the MECHDEVILS.


Blogger Roshan Varghese said...

good dindu......keep it goin...dont lose the momentum. ...u hav lot many stories to tell.....we are waiting

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good blog,tell more about ur college girls yaar,you have kept me waiting i heard babes there are cool,do let me know.
blogger for life,

12:39 AM  
Blogger VIVEK said...

nice to hear our college days frm
keep in touch with me
u>>> mechdevil
which hostel u was

10:24 AM  
Blogger vinodh said...

Excellent! Takes me back to my own engg days. First time in college, first time in hostel,.. Those days really were special,weren't they!

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dindu...dont know whether u remember me or not..i was ur senior..2003 passout..sitaram....

I went thru ur blog....mindblowing is the word ....Its awesome article..i still can feel the same when i think abt the college days..especially the first day at college...really i miss those days...GEC is superb!!Long live GEC.....GEC and GECians are the best!!! once again kudos to u dindu..

8:32 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to know more about your college and your batchmates

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you tell me about the second you referred to in SIM section please...

11:51 AM  
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Anonymous Affordable SEO Services said...

Excellent Dindu......keep it groin...don’t lose the moment
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Blogger Sonia said...

I accidentally bumped into ur blog while searching thrissur. I am an old alumini of GEC. Electrical 95-99 batch.ur Blog made me o back to some good memories of college days-those were the best!!

8:35 AM  

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